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Thanks for visiting my website. I am a 35 year old Wisconsinite currently pursuing a career in Information Technology with a nearly all consuming hobby of triathlon. I live in West Allis, WI with my wife Mary, son Ethan, daughter Evelyn,  dog Jimmy, and cats Max and TJ.

In 2007 I achieved a major triathlon goal I established by qualifying for the Ironman World Championship on my third attempt at the distance.  Since then I have had some ups and downs in triathlon and life.  In 2008 I missed qualifying by a few minutes at Ironman Wisconsin.  In 2009 I suffered an avulsion fracture of my 5th metatarsal. I wasn’t the brightest bulb with that injury – I continued to run on it for 2 months prior to having it diagnosed and continued to run on it an additional 2 months before finally having surgery to fix it in December of 2009. I was than laid up for a few months.

My primary goals for triathlon revolve around helping people through 1×1 coaching, and continuing to improve until the numbers stating how old I am start to get the best of me.

All this for a sport that I was forced into by my wife in 2003, when I was out of shape, over weight and looking forward to a nice sedentary life of playing video games.