Week Ending 2015-06-28


This picture sums up pretty well how I feel right now. Strong and feeling in the chase.  The adjustments I’ve made to my fit appear to keep paying dividends, I’m feeling strong on both the bike and run (and the swim) – and the metrics agree with how I feel.  I’m happy to say that I’ve posted *something* to my blog six weeks in a row!  Hopefully in the near future I’ll have the desire to leverage that into something more interesting than just an update.

One thing I’ve found these last few weeks is that confidence results in good performances in training, which leads to good more confidence, which leads to good racing, which leads to more confidence, which leads to even performances in training.  Over the last few weeks of publicly documenting my training, I have found that I have been more consistent with my quality workouts and doing them well – which subsequently let’s me do things like TT my “favorite” training loop and turn in the best 2 hour mean maximal power I’ve seen in just shy of 3 years.  Small things like that put a smile on your face and make you eager to do the work and not question things.

Beyond that the positive reinforcement makes it easier to pay attention to the small details like diet and sleep – which for me are some of the first things to go to hell when things are struggling.

The real question is – will these trends and performances in training result in comparable performances in races this year?

This week’s training:

Monday – 3000 easy swim – nothing but putting in the meters, with a 30 minute easy run later on

Tuesday – easy bike, plus a hard run – 6×3′ @ Daniel’s I-Pace with 2 minutes easy in between

Wednesday – Lots of 25’s USRPT style at 200 pace and an easy run

Thursday – hard bike – 6×3′ @ ~110% FTP (3′) and the typical run at lunch time

Friday – No swim – I lost my YMCA card, so just a 90 minute run with 3×10′ @ HIM pace

Saturday – an easy bike and easy run

Sunday – Hard bike – 48 mile hilly course TT style, easy run off the bike, and a quick and dirty swim later in the day just to get 3 swim sessions this week.

Week Ending 2015-06-21

Last week was a good for the most part.  On both Tuesday and Thursday my quality workouts did not go as well as they have been for the past few weeks.  I suspect that Elkhart Lake was still holding me back a bit.  Swimming is going quite well, I’ve only been swimming three times a week since Texas to help facilitate recovery, but I’ll add a fourth swim back into the mix probably in August in preparation for IMAZ.

My bike fit continues to feel better and better, I’ve made a few more adjustments to the reach, but also to the pad stack and I like what I’m feeling.  It will be interesting to see how it pans out in terms of watts->speed at Racine.

As I’ve become more happy with my bike fit and my overall positive feelings about training, I’ve been turning my thoughts to the long lingering thought of wondering if I’m under-performing on the swim in races.  If I look back at my overall race performance and compare it to the swim – generally if my swims are close to what my pool times indicate I should be able to do – my overall performance is a bit sub-par – but if I swim and float through it, my performances are good.  I’ve wondered about this and how I can swim an 18:56 1500 on 2 swims per week and a total of about 5000 meters per week over the previous 2 months in December, and could probably swim a fair bit faster than that now – yet I’d bet dollars to donuts that if I had come out of the water with James Burke at Elkhart Lake – my race would have gone in the opposite direction it did.  Some reading recently makes me wonder if I just suck at open water swimming, or if I’m a victim of either a poor fitting wetsuit without enough shoulder flexibility, or possibly too much leg flotation – hindering my kick and messing my stroke up or I don’t take enough time to put it on and work it around my shoulders.    The source of this thinking is looking at my IMTX swim, which was no wetsuit, felt incredibly easy, and was one of my best swims in years, and followed up with a solid race overall.

If wetsuits weren’t so damn expensive, I’d go buy a ROKA or something else that is known for more flexibility and maybe less float then my Vendetta, but 500 to 800 bucks is a lot to spend on an experiment.

Monday: A lame 3000 meter swim and an easy run – which happened to be awesome because it was comfortably warm and drizzling.

Tuesday: Hard bike with 3×8′ @ threshold and the usual easy run

Wednesday: 16 100s @ 1:30, and then 4 on 1:25 – I only mustered 1:17/1:18 for these, then a run.

Thursday: A run planned as 10×2′ HARD with 1′ recovery, but I bailed after 7 it just wasn’t happening plus an easy spin in the morning.

Friday: A swim with some 400s at IM pace, and a run with 2×10′ @ HIM pace

Saturday: An easy ride, and easy run

Sunday: I rode outside and did my old reliable 48 mile loop.  I did it as a spirited ride, and followed it up with an easy run before we went out to brunch.

Week Ending 2015-06-14

This past week was a really solid one.  It ended with a good performance at Elkhart Lake.  I’m really happy about how the race went.  It wasn’t without it’s negatives – I was a bit sad faced about my bike split when I compare it to James/Blake/Andrew, but this was probably my best Olympic distance result in at least 4 years, maybe longer.  I take that as a positive sign!  The weekend was made even better by spending the remainder of the weekend hanging out with the family in Elkhart Lake and at the Osthoff resort.

I cut my aerobars down so that I can ride with the shortened reach without impaling my knees on them.  It felt great during the race, but I found that outdoors, compared to the trainer my body naturally wanted another centimeter or two of room.  Will do some more tweaking and see how it goes.

All in all – things are looking and feeling pretty good, I’m happy with the progression my training is making and the rest I’m getting outside of the training.

Monday – The usual easy run, with the main session being a swim with 20×100 @ 1:30 SCM – holding about 1:15

Tuesday – Just as I was about to get on my bike I got paged for work, so my day consisted of a hard run on the treadmill – 10×2′ HARD, with 1′ easy in between.  I managed to fit in an easy bike ride that evening after work

Wednesday – A swim, that I forgot the most of, but the mainset was 12×50 @ :55 – with a goal time of 35 or faster.  A really short easy run.

Thursday – A hard bike, with 2×8 @ Threshold, and later in the day a short easy run – that felt terrible because I did it to close to eating.

Friday – An easy swim and an easy run.

Saturday – Elkhart Lake Triathlon

Sunday – Zero

Week Ending 2015-06-07

This week was a very solid week.  I successfully pulled my reach in a fair bit, and have been really happy with the results in how I feel on the bike, my power output, and how much my hip flexors have relaxed.  I’m going to make the cut on the bars, which are currently uncut tri-rig extensions, although maybe I could try the old reliable Profile cobras since I shortened the reach so much.  We’ll see.

I did a pretty piss poor job of my sleep habits this week, and my nutrition in terms of volume consumed, not quality.  I tend to do a good job of not eating shit, but I simply eat too much of it.

Monday –

I did 20×100 SCM in the pool – no warm-up just go.  I did them on a 1:30 send off, and after the first couple held them all under 1:20.  I also did the usual easy run.

Tuesday –

I got excited on my “easy” bike and ended up doing a spinervals DVD (16.0) for some reason.  I held about 260 for all of the “on” efforts.  I did my quality run for the week, doing 15×1′ HARD (1′ Jog) on the treadmill.  I was cursing myself for the lack of intensity discipline the entire mainset.


I did a swim – and pretty much bailed on the planned USRPT set, I felt like garbage. The usual easy run was present.

Thursday –

An easy run, plus a bike ride with a mainset of ????x2′ – bailing when my wattage fell 12% below the target.

Friday –

Felt way better in the pool, doing a mainset of 4x{4×100 @ 1:30 + 2×50 HARD @ 1:00} – I held roughly 1:20 for all of them, and was about 35/36 on the 50s.  I felt like crap on my easy run and cut it short.

Ethan and I did a class at the Zoo, and then went to Mexican for lunch.

Saturday –

A 2 hour easy ride, that was really sucky for the first hour, and got progressively better as the ride progressed.  The usual easy run.

Sunday –

I had planned to do the Bong 30k TT today, however I opted out.  Mary resumed structured workouts again this week, and the logistics of me doing it meant that it would have resulted in a zero for her, or doing her workouts really late in the day.  Instead I did a 2 hour ride, with a 20′ best effort, followed by some steady riding, and a race focus run (30′ alternating 5′ EZ, 5′ Olympic pace).

The 20′ effort went quite well.  It was my highest ever on the trainer by quite a bit, about the same as the one I did ~10 days before Texas (which was outside though), and just shy of matching my best ever (which was also outside).

This week will be a pretty typical week, but lighter on the back half to try and rest a little for Elkhart Lake.  I’ve done Elkhart twice, and performed piss poorly both times.  My goal is to simply have a solid race.  I’m going to try and float the swim, ride well, and follow it up with a good run.