Big Results

While I’ve been pretty quiet about it, for the past year or so in addition to being a triathlete I’ve jumped into the role of triathlon coach.

With some of the recent results my athletes have experienced I felt it high time to brag a little:

A few weeks back Michele knocked out a 4th place in the W50-54 at Ironman NYC – just missing a Kona slot, but getting on stage for the first time at an Ironman! ┬áRevenge is planned at Ironman Florida!

This past Saturday Kendrick finished second overall at the Nashvegas Half in Nashville closing it out with an impressive 1:23 run.

Matt is continuing his stellar season with an age-group win at the White Lake International Tri – which should put him solidly in second place for the North Carolina Tri series for M45-49.

Finally – the big news of the weekend was Andy blowing it up at Ironman Wisconsin yesterday with a win in the M50-54 age group, a 30 minute PR and a trip to Kona.