This is War

Tomorrow when I enter the waters of Kailua Bay in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii  – I go to war.

It is not me against them.  It is not me against you.  It is me against me.

There will be moments of glory, moments of pain.

There will be moments where I will feel invincible, moments where I want to quit.

This is normal, for what I will be doing is not normal.

I will remember the work that I have done, the frustrations I have conquered – all to get to this day.

No quarter will be asked, none will be given.

I will drive forward remembering the high points and the low points of this journey – both will fuel my passion and desire.

I will cross the finish line – victorious, but remember that it was not easy, and not without sacrifice.

War never is.




  1. You won the internal war yesterday! Amazing race Scott. Congratulations on a stellar performance in tough conditions. 133 degrees on the bike and run was not easy. Add in enormous swells on the swim and it equaled a brutal day. Way to stay strong mentally and physically.


  2. Amazing, you have earn a spot in my blog! You and your sister amaze me and then there is you wife, my other daughter, what great children and Friends you are.

    Dream Believe Achieve!

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