J-Hawk Early Bird 2009

I was not very confident going into this race.  Earlier this week I fell on a run and had a bit of a pinch in my back.  I had a friend work on it a bit, and it felt much better, but not perfect. 

The other ding to my confidence is my perceived fitness level – compared to a year ago, my CTL was significantly lower then last year, I intended to give it my best and execute better as compared to last year.

Swim – 1st OA
5:39 Split (~5:25 at pool exit)

As usual not much to say about the swim.  I was disappointed to be third in my lane as it meant I would probably have a repeat of last year and have to deal with passing people.  Luckily for me, I had two guys that wanted to PR the swim, and ended up dying fantastically.  So I just drafted off of them successively until they each died.  And to think back in the day I struggled to swim in the 5:40’s! 

Bike – 3rd OA
35:09 (34:25 mount<->dismount)
298 AP/304 NP

Last year I biked way to hard, way to early in the bike.  The plan this year was to start out more conservatively, build to slightly higher than FTP and hold it.  I was the first out of the water so the first onto the bike course.  I hit the road and settled right in around 280 watts. 

About 5 minutes in Matt Amman, passed me, flashing an upside down peace symbol.  I don’t know if he was wishing me luck, or commenting on our in-side joke regarding who was going to come out on top at the race.  Despite this being a sprint, I stuck to my guns and just opened the throttle a little bit.

The race continued that way – Matt slowly pulling away, me slowly adding a little gas.  Until around mile 8, other than the occasional person from a previous wave, it was an empty course.  About mile 8 there was a small out and back section were I was able to eyeball the competition.  I was about 60 seconds down on Matt, and behind me by about a minute or so was Nick Langer (small world – we lived together for a summer), and a little behind him was Terry Harth.

The rest of the bike was just keeping the needle in the red, gaining on no one, and losing on no one.

Run – 4th OA

The run was pretty uneventful, other then feeling like I was staring on an episode of mXc while sliding through the mode and yuck.

Overall – 2nd OA

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised – not only with my execution but my result!

.wko file

The Climb



Yes, this post is titled after Miley Cyrus’ new song.  Yes, I like the song.  No, I am not a Miley Cyrus fan, Britney’s new song is much more to my liking.  More on the title in a bit, first let’s start sharing some long overdue information.


First and foremost, this year I am competing as part of Team GEARGRINDER.  Gear-grinder is a clothing company.  They don’t sell cycling clothing per se, but more everyday wear with a cycling flare!  I am very excited to have been invited to join the team, and look forward to representing Gear-Grinder and all the other sponsors this year.

Miley’s song has a few key lyrics in it that struck me, and really reminded me of the importance of not worrying about the destination…

There’s always going to be another mountain
I’m always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
Sometimes I’m gonna to have to lose,
Ain’t about how fast I get there,
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb

As I’ve written in my last couple entries, my training isn’t quite where I’d like it to be this year, and I was getting bent out of shape about it.  Those words a very good reminder in my opinion to relax, and just plug away at it.  I’ll get there, and most likely when I get there, I’ll realize I’m not there.

Training.  Last week was pretty good, not a huge volume week (13.5 hours), but I got just about every planned workout in, and had a great long ride on Sunday (3 hours – Spinervals Tough Love).

This week I plan to try to get every workout in, although I hit a stumbling block today.  I didn’t swim this morning because I decided to go at lunch to avoid the crowds – but my Workgroup is having a team lunch :(.  Must get it in!  Fortunately I got to work nice and early so I can leave early and get it in.

Tonight I am planning to do 2×20 on the bike.


Oh Dude!

So I was thinking today that it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog and I really should post an update.

Then here I am looking through my web server logs and discover a referral from gear-grinder.com, the team I am on this year.  So I spose I should start posting some regular updates to reflect positively on myself!

Look for something shortly.