Server Upgrade

I have migrated my website to a new webserver. I think everything is working perfectly, but if you notice any problems – please visit the contact page and drop me a note.

Like a glove


A new piece of gear arrived today.  It fits great.  Just by feel of the material compared to my current wetsuit (4 year old IM Instinct) – I can tell that its way faster and after trying it on – it’s a great fit.  That said – I can tell the warnings the provide about the Vendetta being a little more prone to damange then your average suit makes me glad that I am keeping my current wetsuit for races like the Saturday PM race at the Triple T.

Now all I need to do is get in great shape!

One week at a time

For the next few weeks, I’m hoping to focus my training one week at time.  I’m hoping that keeping the focus on short time periods will help me get back into a strong rhythm.

I started this week off with a 1,000 SCM time trial this morning.  It went well.  I passed through 500m in 6:45 (1:21/100m), and pulled up at 950 in 13:00 (I miscounted).  So I figured I would have pulled in around 13:41 or so, a fair bit better then the last time I did one in moderate to poor shape.

No plans for a month from now, just focusing on this week.  Have the plan for it written down, but not handy to share at the moment.