(Almost) New and improved

I made a small change to the site last night.  Not much, but it’s pretty cool.  This site now offers an RSS feed that you can subscribe to using your preferred Feed Reader of choice.  Simply add in http://www.scottbowe.com or http://www.scottbowe.com/blog/feed/rss/ and get notified whenever there is new content.  I’ll add something similar for the race reports, but I need to put in the last couple first!

Other then that not much is new.  I went up to visit Stevens Point over the weekend just to check out the old college town.  I’d say it is 90% the same.  Mary and I did a short easy bike ride up there and loved it.  The roads up there are awesome for riding.  Needless to say because we went to SP, it threw training on Friday and Saturday off a bit, so it a late night page for work on Wednesday.  Otherwise the week went very good.

  • Monday
    • AM: Off
    • PM: 4,300 SCM swim
  • Tuesday
    • AM: Off
    • PM: 2:11 Long run – not very fast
  • Wednesday
    • AM: Umm I was lucky to drag myself out of bed at 7:00 for work – up past 3 am for work
    • PM: 2 hour spin
  • Thursday
    • AM: 90 Bike on Trainer – Spinervals Time Trial Palooza 20,15,10,5 at increasing effort with 20 min @ FTP all are on 5 minute rest
    • Lunch: 45(42) minute run – 5.75 miles felt good
    • PM: 3,000 SCM swim
  • Friday
    • AM: Off
    • PM: 1:40 bike ride in Point w/ Mary
  • Saturday
    • Off
  • Sunday
    • Brick
      • 5:36 Ride with 2×10 @ FTP on 5 minute rest.  TSS – 330!!! 208 AP/225 NP
      • 42 minute @ 7:13 pace felt really good.

After the workout on Thursday and the ride on Sunday I’m pretty happy that I have my FTP pretty accurate right now at 293.  The ride on Sunday was brutal – I was surprised the run went so well, but I quit before the steam could start running out.

I do need to work on learning how to ride steadier with a low VI to reduce the amount of wasted power I put out.  That and I need to get stronger, MUCH stronger.

This week has been good so far – had two good swims, 3800 LCM yesterday, 3k SCM this morning.  Tonight is a long run, tomorrow an easy ride and run.  Then Thursday FTP bike in the AM, easy swim/run later in the day.  Friday, easy spin in the AM – Tempo run at night.

Saturday and Sunday are a little up in the air yet, but will probably do the Doc Ride on Saturday with a run and swim tossed in; then try for a repeat of this past sunday on Sunday.  offda!

What Zip Code are you in?

Yesterday as I was on the bike trainer for my long ride (yes I rode 5:30 on the trainer, and yes it was a very nice day – more on that later) I came to realize something.  The folks out there that are fast, they are in a completely different Zip Code then I am.

How did I come to that realization – beyond the fact that I got smoked by some fast dudes at Rockman last week there is this.  Specifically look at what Black accomplished on Wednesday and Saturday bike wise.  This weekend I attempted my first long ride where I tried to insert some interval type efforts, not knowing what to try I grabbed one from Gordo’s book and did: 60 minutes EZ, 40 minute Steady, 20 as 5×3 @ Threshold; 40 steady, 5×3 @ HIM Low Cadence, 40 steady 5×3 @ just survive, and the remainder of the 5:30 ride just keep the wheels turning.

I could not believe how challenging that workout was, being able to accomplish workouts like Blake did – provides a clear insight into why he is so damn fast.

I got a lot of food for thought over that – and a definite slap in the face about where I stand (which is a good thing!)

Last week was the first of 5 planned tough weeks before Racine.  It went really well, if I can knock this type of week out 4 more times before Racine I will be on cloud 9 about my fitness leading into the race.  Then it’s up to me to be a Razor – and cut.

The week was:

  • Monday
    • AM – Off 
    • PM – Swim – 6×150 SCM @ 2:15 – I held 1:55 for all of them
  • Tuesday
    • AM – Off
    • PM – Run 2 hours  – Didn’t push the pace because of being only a couple days after Rockman
  • Wednesday
    • AM – Swim – 4×200 SCM @ 2:55 – held 2:45
    • PM – 2:30 Bike + 30 minute run.  Did 2×20 @ HIM on the bike.  Run went good, but was forced
  • Thursday
    • AM – 1:30 Bike + 30 EZ Run – 3×13 Hard @ ~3 minutes rest (302, 303, 305 for wattage)
    • PM – Swim – 3×600 SCM @ 9:00 held 8:15
  • Friday
    • AM – 90 minute EZ Spin
    • PM – Hour temp run with 20 minutes hard – averaged 6:05/6:06
  • Saturday
    • AM – 3:15 Ride – no plan just rode as terrain/wind required; 40 minute run after
    • PM – 30 minute swim – 1,000 LCM : 14:41
  • Sunday
    • 5:30 bike (on the trainer to get plenty of SST time); inserted 5×3 @ FTP, 5×3 @ HIM low cadence, and 5×3 @ HIM + 30 minute run (went really well considered how I felt getting off the bike)
  •  Total
    • 22:52
    • Swim – 10k meters (little lighter then I’d like)
    • Bike – 260 miles
    • Run – 40.7 miles

Hoping to do something similar this week, but the weekend is in question as I might be headed up to Stevens Point to visit the old college stomping grounds!


Boy I’ve been pretty lax about updating my blog.  On top of that I’ve been pretty lax about training.  Well not to lax, but the past couple of months it seems as though I’m unable to string together more then about 10-12 days of solid workouts, then I have 10-12 days of off/on workouts.  It’s made it really difficult to get a good rhythm going, and it feels like I am always battling the "startup" fatigue that you have to push through the first 2-3 weeks after a major rest period.

Why have my workouts being like this?  I chalk it up to life and motivation.  It seems as though this entire season (starting back after IMH) my motivation has either been low, or when my motivation is high life seems to be very demanding – work, household items, etc, etc.  They have all just added up against me.  Nothing I can do about it really.

So where does that leave me?  With 12 weeks of training left, and nowhere near the fitness I had hoped to be at back in February.  I do have faith in myself and my ability to pull it together as best I can and put it out there.

The revised plan is essentially 2 x 6 week cycles of 5 weeks hard, 1 week less hard.  On the spreadsheet my "taper" for IMWI will be only officially 2 weeks – the last week of cycle 2 and race week.  This means that my taper will be shorter then in the past, but it should be OK.  Here’s to hoping life calms down and motivation stays high.

As a side note, you may or may not have noticed that blog #91 is missing.  If you read that blog entry you’ll know that I called out a participant of the Triple T – accusing him of being unsportsmanly, and hoity-toity, I had a discussion with the person I described via phone tag and email.  And I was in the wrong.  I unfairly judged his intentions and motivations with no insight into the whats and whys of the situation.  One of my training partners is a teammate of Kirk, and confirmed what Kirk passed on to me.  In short – he was not being unsportsmanly, not being hoity-toity, but was simply a nice, honest guy, caught in a very bad situation – where he was forced to break rules to follow rules – all in the name of putting food on the table.  How can I hold that against a person? 

I shouldn’t, I know that I would hate to have someone do so about me.  And for that I apologize.

One more side note – I got a dog a while back.  He’s not much a runner, he can run – but he prefers to smell the roses.  So you either end up running REALLY slow, or pulling him a long.  So either way one of us isn’t having fun.  But he’s a great guy and is really well behaved.  Look for him to be cheering for me this weekend at Rockman!  Here’s Jimmy!