2007 – Looking back

Here are some scatterbrained thoughts on 2007 from a triathlon point of view.

year in review


Season Review 

Swim: 380k – 116 hrs.
Bike: 4,795 – 333 hrs.
Run: 1,272 – 171 hrs.

Swim: 416k – 124 hrs.
Bike: 6,138 – 351 hrs.
Run: 1,278 – 173 hrs.

2007 (as of 12/28/07, not much left to go)
Swim: 451k “ 139  hrs
Bike: 7,224 “ 392 hrs
Run: 1,1410 – 166 hrs


This year was an awesome one from a tri perspective.  First and foremost I accomplished my goal of qualifying for Kona.  The season continued on a high note with PRs at the half distance, Olympic distance, and a sprint tri I’ve done for the past few years.  I also had some training and racing struggles that I had to deal with “ overtraining, stale racing, stale training¦

What did I do right?

I qualified for Hawaii “ and had a blast doing Hawaii.  Need I say more?

What did I do wrong?

I didn’t take enough of a break after Ironman AZ.  I put too much priority on early seasons races and the fitness needed to do well in them.  I took a bit of time off after the race (IMAZ), but I got back into pretty high volume/quality training to early.  Doing the Triple T, Rockman Half and Appleton Half, along with a sprint in a 5 week period did not help.  This made me spend a lot of July training poorly, and a lot of August trying to train easily to get back to normal.  Looking back it’s pretty obvious I was overtrained during this time “ one of the dead give a ways was the sudden onset of asthma that I had.

Although I was mentally struggling with training when Hawaii arrived, physically I would have been better off doing IM Florida “ as my fitness (and confidence in my fitness) was just finally starting to spin up.

Thoughts for next year

Train objectively using objective measures “ Power, VDOT, frequent low stress testing, etc.  I feel that part of the reason I had a good race at Arizona was because much of my training was indoors “ giving me the ability to completely control my intensity at all times, and provide clear cut objective comparisons between workouts.

Accept Difficulties “ Next year I need to do a better job of rolling with the punches rather then trying to force my way through them.

Race less “ I think a big part of the reason I got into an overtrained state was my desire to try to hold onto my early season peak for far to long.  I needed to take a solid 6 week break/recovery period after IMAZ, but instead 5 weeks later I was doing a crazy series of racing: Triple T, a sprint the next weekend, Rockman Half the next, a week off, followed by another half.  That was basically an Ironman, 2 halfs, and a sprint in a 5 week period.  I will not do that again.

I did way too many races this year “ next year I plan to focus on a couple key races, and œparticipate in the remainder; using them to reinforce good pacing and execution techniques.  I’m a little nervous about my Triple-T/Rockman repeat next year, but I hope that by not doing the other two races in June, the 6 weeks between Rockman and Racine will be enough, I’ll have to play the later race by ear.

Nutrition “ I got burned on my nutrition at Hawaii.  While I had used my exact same nutrition strategy in training leading up to Hawaii, there were two differences on race day: 1> It was ~10 degress warming in HI then the weeks leading up to it in Wisconsin; 2> I rode at the same œeffort I rode Arizona, but my training before Hawaii wasn’t the same quality as before Arizona “ so in reality it was to hard.  Those to factors contributed to my stomach becoming a sugar ball.  Dial in my nutrition more for all conditions and try to develop the ability to mentally adjust intake to conditions.

Not so much a thought for next year, but looking back, any future years of doing 2+ ironmans, I need to ensure they are either ~5 weeks apart, or ~6 months apart.  The former lets me recover from the race and carry the fitness over, the latter allows enough time to fully recover and rebuild my fitness. 

Back on track

Other then the holidays this week has been a great week of training.  Good for getting back into a routine.  My goal is get in the routine of ~ 1 hour before work and 2-3 hours after work, plus 2 or 3 per weekend day – as athe schedule allows.

Come mid-March is when I will ramp up again and start putting in some 5+ hour rides.

So far this week

  • Monday
    • 3,000 SCM swim
  • Tuesday
    • 45 minute Christmas run – spitting up the massive amount of french toast I had for breakfast the whole way (thanks Paul)
  • Wednesday
    • AM: Weights + 30 minute swim – 1k time trial – 13:54
    • PM: 1:15 steady aerobic on the trainer
  • Thursday
    • AM: 2,500 SCM swim
    • PM: 90 minute run (11.25 miles)

Planned for the rest of the week

  • Friday
    • PM: 1:30 steady aerobic + 30 minute run
  • Saturday
    • 1 hour swim + 90 minute trainer ride + 30 minute run
  • Sunday
    • 2+ hours on the trainer + 30 minute run

Swim Time Trial

Did a 1,000 SCM time trial this morning.

  • 1×150 Swim
  • 1×100 Kick
  • 1×100 Swim
  • 1×1000 for time

Did it in 13:54 (1:23/100) which is pretty good actually.  I felt like a newbie swimmer.  Had terrible breathing patterns especially into and out of the turns.  I probably went out a bit quick – hit 200 @ 2:39.

I’m really going to try make more of an effort to do regular testing as the year progresses.

Goal for the next test is sub 13.  I’ll probably do it in early Feburary.

Not a whole lot to say

Christmas has come and gone.  I spent some time at my parents and got stuck in a snowstorm on the way home.

Life in general is good, have some computer issues that I’m dealing with at home, and fairly low motivation for working out right now.

That’s something I’ve got to figure out how to resolve, I’ve been attempting to get back on the horse for a few weeks now, and am generally being unsucessful with it.  Not going to worry about it to much, but just try to do as much as I can and hope the motivation shows back up.

Doing a 5k running race on New Years Eve.  Only about 2 miles from my house.  It’s a chip timed race, so the course will probably be more accurate then the one I did a couple of weeks ago!

In other news, I’ve pretty muched finished the website I was creating for a friend of mine – of course there will be the usual tinkering, but it’s mostly done.  Check it out.  It’s mostly the same code as mine underneath, but a lot more functionality and revised based on mistakes I made with this site.  Plus the presentation CSS and smarty templates of that site is much more robust and flexible.  In addition to the continued tweaking, I’m going to create a new look for my site and revise it to use the updated code on Matt’s.  No promises on a time frame though, I tend to move slow and get distracted.

A 5k

On Saturday I did a 5k race in Racine.  Turns out they cut a little off the course at the last minute and it was about .25 miles short.  I finished in 17:26 – which on pace alone equates to about an 18:56.  Makes me think it was a little more then .25 short, but still should be under 20 which I feel is pretty good considering my fitness.

This week is my first truly structured week since Hawaii.  I want to get a little swimming, some biking, and a relatively large amount of running in this week.  I want to focus on the running so that I don’t go nuts on the trainer, and with Christmas coming up soon, running is about the only thing I know I’ll be able to do regardless of travel. 

I also want to try and do atleast one swim meet this winter so I’m really going to try to focus a lot of effort on my butterfly. 

Here’s this weeks plan:

  • Monday
    • AM: 30 minutes weights
    • PM: 60 minute aerobic run
  • Tuesday
    • AM: 60 minute swim – foucus on technique and non free
    • PM: 90 minute bike and 30 minute run – going to try to do the run at lunch
  • Wednesday
    • AM: 30 minutes weights
    • PM: 75 minute aerobic run
  • Thursday
    • AM: 60 minute swim – IM set
    • PM: Repeat of Tuesday
  • Friday
    • AM: 75 minute run
    • PM: Weights
  • Saturday
    • AM: 2 hour bike
    • PM: 45 minute run
  • Sunday
    • 1:45 long run

If I hold to things that equates to a 14 hour week with about 50 miles pounding the pavement.  If need be I’ll cut swimming and biking back to make sure I get the runs in.  The focus for the next few weeks is on the run and trying to build up to a couple 80 mile weeks.