Long weekend

I didn’t post about this earlier, but I’ve slightly revised my training plan leading into Hawaii.  Due to the fact that I feel I had some issues with consistant quality training earlier this summer, and spent much of it pretty flat, I decided that I was going to spend 5 weeks (counting last week) doing some very specific preparation for Hawaii.

The general plan is to do 5 weeks of consistant, high quality, low to moderate volume training.  Low to moderate may be a bit misleading – easy week days, hard weekends is more accurate.  I’m hoping to do some higher quality running on Tuesday, higher quality biking on Thursday – with the other days/workouts being easy aerobic.  Then I’m going to nail the weekends with a long brick on Saturday and my long run on Sunday.  Repeat until it’s time to taper.

Hopefully this will pay off, and the challenge of it will give me a load of confidence for Hawaii, as well as give me a huge fitness boost.  The trick will be to make sure that I get enough recover during the week to stay strong, fresh, and motivated.

This weekend was my first weekend of trying this and it went well.  Saturday I did the Racine Half Iron course twice – based on what I can tell it has a similar elevation profile to Hawaii – it was hard (well DUH!), but my legs were pretty tired the whole time.  Normally my feel on my long ride starts out around 4 and builds to 7, well this started at around 6 and built to being plum tuckered out!  I had a good run afterwards though that went way better then I thought.

Sunday I did my long run – 19.41 miles in about 2:29 (7:41 mpm).  I was really happy with that; not only was it my longest run in a while, it was my longest run since my IMAZ marathon!

Did a long swim today (SCM), main set was

  • 6×125 @ 2:00 (held 1:38-1:40
  • 1×800, 1×200, 1×600, 1×200, 1×400, 1×200, 1×200, 1×200. 

The 8,6,4,2 were hard on 1:30 base minus a flat 15 seconds.  I held around 1:20/100 on those, and then the 200’s in-between were easy on 1:30 base.

Tonight is a no workout night – going to do some chores around the house.

FWIW – I liked only having to run on Sunday, gives you a little bit more weekend time!


My Ankles are a bit bruised!

Did my track workout last night – 2k warmup, 8×1000 at Vdot Threshold and interval pace.  For the purposes of this workout I estimated my Vdot as 56 based on this chart – based on my IM run and my HIM run I am between a 55 and 56.  Being the over-achiever I used 56.

So the plan called for 4×1000 on 3:53 on 6:15 total interval, and then 4 more at 3:34 on 6:15 total interval.

I was a little nervous about the second four and even being able to run that fast, turns out I had nothing to fear, I had a really bad feel for pace and it took me 3 try’s to even get my run into the 3:40’s.   I ended up starting really fast and gradually "slowing" to find ~3:45 and then held all of them there.  Was a tough workout, but I made it – in part to the fact that my friend Matt was there to provide some moral support – if not for him I might have called it after 6.

Tale of the tape. 

  • Rep 1
    • 3:24
    • Average HR: 160
    • Split HR: 172
  • Rep 2
    • 3:34
    • Average HR: 161
    • Split HR: 170
  • Rep 3
    • 3:42
    • Average HR: 160
    • Split HR: 170
  • Rep 4
    • 3:44
    • Average HR: 160
    • Split HR: 168
  • Rep 5
    • 3:47
    • Average HR: 161
    • Split HR: 168
  • Rep 6
    • 3:47
    • Average HR: 159
    • Split HR: 167
  • Rep 7
    • 3:47
    • Average HR: 158
    • Split HR: 167
  • Rep 8
    • 3:50
    • Average HR: 159
    • Split HR: 167

For what it’s worth I believe my run threshold to be in the neighborhood of 167.

Some other HR data from this weekend

  • Swim
    • Average: 160
    • Split: 163
  • Bike
    • Average: 156
    • Split: 157
  • Run
    • Average: 157
    • Split: 159

Easy day today!  Matt’s supposed to do a track workout not far from my work  at lunch, so I may go return the moral support.

Another update to come tomorrow after my bike workout!


Well the swim didn’t go as planned tonight.  Got to the Y only to discover my goggles weren’t in my swim bag – I had left them in the bag I took to the Tri yesterday.

I flopped around for a little while and got a nice easy recovery workout and blurry vision!

Maybe I needed it!

Random Stuff

A few varied things to talk about – first is vistors, I’m surprised by the number of people who have visited my website – some quick stats (since launch)

  • 1,632 distinct vistors
    • Biggest Month – June – 460
    • Smallest Month – January – 16
  • 10,000 pageviews
    • Biggest Month – June – 2106
    • Smallest Month – January – 97
  • Most frequent visitor (besides me) – 472 pageviews
  • Least frequent visitor – 1
  • Average – 91 pageviews
  • Suspected bot traffic – 1060

I have no idea where that ranks in terms of websites, but I’d say it’s small.  Honestly though I’m really surprised at the amount of traffic I get.  If anybody has any insight on how this ranks with other sites let me know.

If you check out my race report section, you’ll find a new report from the Pleasant Prairie Triathlon.  This race holds a special place in my heart, as it was my first Tri.  It’s also one that I’ve done every year, so it serves as a bit of a benchmark for how I’m improving

  • 2003 – Sprint (1/2 of the olympic) – 1:31:02 – 17:07/43:28/28:09
  • 2004 – Olympic – 2:30:15 – 24:09/1:16:32/46:34
  • 2005 – Olympic – 2:07:50 – 19:55/1:07:05/38:18
  • 2006 – Olympic – 2:08:05 – 19:54/1:05:00/40:36
  • 2007 – Olympic – 2:02:55 – 18:44/1:02:10/39:43

It’s a pretty marked improvement – I went from being a newbie on a mountain bike, to dreaming of being fast, to getting to witness the beating one takes in trying to race a professional athlete – it’s not exactly painful, but it’s definately eye opening and motivating.

One thing I noticed this weekend after the race was that although my run was fast for me, compared to the folks around me it was slow.  Everyone in front of me ran atleast a 36, and I was the only 38+ in the top 10.  Seems to me that to continue to improve as a triathlete I need to keep working on my bike like I have, but also increase me run speed.  I’m not sure how to do it, but a 38/39 will not cut it.

Otherwise here’s the plan for this week

  • Monday
    • AM: Off
    • PM: 1:30 swim – 1×800, 2×400, 4×200, 2×400, 1×800 @ 1:30/100 base
  • Tuesday
    • AM: 1:00 Swim – focus on stroke and technique
    • PM: Track workout – 8×1000 @ ~6 minutes 1-4 3:53/k, 5-8 3:34/k (pace based on estimated Vdot)
  • Wednesday
    • AM: Off – maybe some Yoga if I’m motivated
    • PM: 2 hour Aerobic Brick (1:30 + 30)
  • Thursday (My Bday)
    • AM: 1:00 Swim – focus on quality – likely 20×100 @ 2:00
    • PM: 3 hour brick (2:30 + 30) – insert 2×20 Threshold on the bike, ez run – plan to ride with Mary
  • Friday
    • AM: Aerobic 10 miler @ 7:15 – 7;30 mpm
    • PM: 2 hour aerobic on trainer
  • Saturday
    • Swim: 1:00 swim – endurance focus – maybe Open water in Lake Michigan?
    • Bike: 5:30-5:45 ride – 2x Racine HIM course – 3×30 HIM + 1×15 40k effort if I feel spunky
    • Run: 45 minutes @ IM effort
  • Sunday
    • AM: 2:30 – 2:45 run
    • PM: Optional ez swim

Should stack up to a pretty tough week if I can pull it off, next week is a recovery week, which will be really needed if I can execute as planned.  I’m going to be very flexible and change things up as needed to keep from getting overcooked – which I think is part of why things have been so up and down this summer.

I’ll try to post updates on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday after the key workouts!

Rest Week!

This week is a rest week – so no crazy training exploits to brag about.  Just a realization of how tired I actually am.  I almost feel more worn out then I did on Sunday.

Last weekend was a very solid training weekend.  On Saturday I rode the IMWI course.  It was my fastest ride ever on the course (5:24), it wasn’t quite the full distance, but very very close.  I was really, really happy with that.  I rode very much within my abilities, and was very responsible with my pacing.  I rode it with a group and very early on realized they were going faster then I should so I let them drop me!  I followed it up with a 40 minute run that was OK.

Sunday I planned to do 2 loops of the Pleasant Prairie Tri course followed by a 10k run.  I got a flat around mile 15, and ended up cutting my ride to 1 loop because by the time I got back to the start of the loop (and where my car was) my tire seemed to have lost a lot of pressure and I didn’t want to get stranded.  I did keep the planned 10k run, and did it in a very aerobicly paced 45:36.

Other then that this is just an easy week, that I’ll cap off with a moderately hard brick on Sunday to lead into the next 3 weeks.

Oh and I’m fevorishly working on a friend’s website – Matt – if I don’t call you tonight with info call me!

Tough double

Was really hot last night, only put in about 17 miles.  Followed it up with a track workout this morning.  It’s my first of four prior to Hawaii.  This one was 6×1000 meters @ 2 minute rest (4:10/4:08/4:07/4:22/4:18/4:10).

Very easy spin tonight.