Have had a couple great workouts since my last post. Good to the point where it makes you nervous.

To start with yesterday I had a great swim in the morning – a broken Ironman distance (3×150 EZ + 2×250,2×500,1×750, 1×1000). The main set was fast – I got through 1500 meters in 19 minutes swimming time, and finished up on 50 minute pace! Crazy fast. Last night I also had a great bike workout, a interval session that consisted of 20 minutes @ 40k effort, 15 minutes @ a little more, 10 minutes, and finally 5 minutes. I did this workout on my trainer, and saw my highest ever pace average for the 20,15, and 10 minute interval. The five minute was a little short, but I was pretty pooped.

This morning I had a 10 mile tempo run with a friend lined up – I’m not sure who pushed us to it, but we finished 10 miles in 1:09:10 (~6:55 mpm), that’s quick. My HR drifted up a little higher then I would have liked but never got out of control. Have an easy 1 hour bike tonight, weather looks nice so I’ll probably go tool around on the parkways! Stay tuned for more updates on my trade-up experiment. I should have something thrown together by this weekend!

Support and Sponsorship

I’ve had some thoughts lately rolling around my head – mainly focused around seeking out “sponsors” to help support my athletics. Why? It’s expensive doing triathlons.

There are a couple of items I’d really like to get to help my triathlon racing and training advance – hopefully to the next level. The two key things are a set of race wheels and a powermeter – which turns out to be about $3,500 dollars. Pricey.

The reality is, I could afford these items if I wanted to, but it would mean that I’d have to cash in a big chunk of savings, or go into debt for a few months – both of which I’m not eager to do – at least not for triathlons. So I’ve come up with two alternative approaches:

  • A trade up
  • Sell off web/email/link hosting in exchange for a donation

For those of you not familar a trade up is a type of deal where I say – I have an item that is of marginal value to me and I trade it to someone for something of marginal value to them, I then try to trade that item for another – until hopefully I get to the item that I desire. A great example of this is a guy who is trying to trade up a paper clip for a house. Would be fun to try.

My other idea is to just offer out web hosting service or email hosting, or just a link to the website of their choice for a one time donation. If you have other ideas drop me a note.

Not to much else. Happy spring!

To many days without an update…

Sorry for the delay in the updates, between being sick, juggling life, and training keeping my website up to date. On the sicky front my cold has moved from a normal cold to being all in my sinuses. From the viewpoint of impacting my training – there’s hardly any impact any more. My sinuses tend to drain after I get going without impacting my ability to go hard or easy. Spent more days then I can count back in college working hard in swim practice with a sinus infection.

After the initial rough start to the week (which unfortunately has been a bit of a pattern recently…) the week went pretty good and according to schedule. Originally this week was supposed to be a double 100 mile ride – I did the first one as planned, but I decided to cut the second one a little short. I figure it’s better to end my major training cycle for IMAZ with a strong workout rather then a flameout. There’s a lot to be said for positive mental energy.

  • Wednesday

It’s offical: I got sick

Well after spending most of last week successfully avoiding getting sick (while having a great week of training), I got nailed yesterday. I’m not sure if I got it because it was just strong then me, or if my race + super long weekend is what did me in…

Regardless, I got sick and as a result my swim today, and my 20 miler got flushed down the drain – I did manage to salvage 5 miles but it was pretty challenging. Challenging in that, were I not feeling partially under the weather I just would have slogged through it (plus I wouldn’t have slept in this morning!), but with how I feel – and not sure how much of it is due to drugs – I decide it was better to just let it go.

We’ll see how I feel later this week – maybe I’ll juggle a few things to try and fit it in, or maybe I’ll just let it go. I don’t know yet – it’ll depend how I feel, maybe I’ll ping Lauren (Jensen) to see what she thinks.

Update: A little overdue

Well it’s been a few days since I’ve posted an update. Things have been good to great on the training front, although I’m still fighting to keep the cold at bay. My bike ride yesterday (more on that in a bit), I think opened me up to it a little more. So I’m definately feeling it a little today, will try and get some good sleep to make up for it.

Anyways, here’s the low down on my training since last Wednesday.

  • Thursday
    • AM – Swim 3×300, 3×200,3×100
    • PM – 1:15 easy spin on the trainer
  • Friday
    • AM – 10 mile run – 1:15
    • PM – 2 hours on the trainer – 20,25,27.5 minutes @ HIM effort on 10 minute RI
  • Saturday
    • AM – Swim – 3×800 @ 12:00
    • PM – 5k running race – 18:41 (PR)
  • Sunday
    • 112 Bike + 8 mile run – 5:40 ride time, 61 minutes run

Overall, even though last week was a little less volume then I would have liked, I had several very high quality workouts, and lifetime best race times/training benchmarks. In fact, my Sunday bike was the fastest every training ride over 40 miles, and my second fastest ever. I was extremely happy with it – I was able to push a lot of power into the pedals (a result of my early season usage of powercranks), and stay focused for some hard, long efforts (Spinervals?). I was happy with the overall time/distance of my run, but I was pretty disappointed by how high my RPE was – I wasn’t running hard per-se, but my legs never really came around like they typically due. I think that some of it is due to the punishment I inflicted on them during the 5k.

The plan, faith, and judgement calls

It’s been a tough week so far. Being only the third day of the week, I’ve had some real highs and some real lows. The highs being my run last night – 21 miles in ~2:37; that’s moving. The lows – being the huge amount of fatigue that I’m carrying from last week and earlier in the season is catching up with me. Normally this heavy tired, worn out feeling wouldn’t bother me to much, but Mary is not feeling very good and is probably coming down with a cold. With me in this beat down state my immune system probably isn’t as strong as it needs to be to fight off something. As a result I took yesterday morning off – planning to do the swim today instead. However, this morning I followed my normal Wednesday routine of sleeping in – so I basically just wrote off an hour of swimming.

This is an area where I think I’ve really grown over the last two years – in my ability to react to how I’m feeling or take preventive actions to ensure that I’m able to continue training. In 2005 when I first started doing Ironmans, I would have never skipped a workout, in fact in the 9 months before my first Ironman I really only remember taking 1 workout off. While I’m definately not taking workouts off just because now, I’m much more flexible in my adherring to my plan. I definately miss more workouts then I’d like, but I have faith that I’m doing the work I need to, which let’s me make the judgement call to drop a workout in order to gain in the long run.

After all, it doesn’t make alot of sense to cut out some sleep to get an hour swim in – get sick and miss my Sunday brick. Missing the Sunday brick due to illness would be a much bigger loss then the hour swim.

Anyways here’s what’s in store for the rest of the week:

  • Today: 2 hour aerobic ride + 30-45 minute run
  • Thursday: 1 hour swim and a 2 hour ride + 30 minute run
  • Friday:10 mile tempo run and a 2 hour ride
  • Saturday: 1 hour swim, a 5k running race, and a easy spin
  • Sunday: 5.5+ hour ride + ~1 hour run (the weather looks like I’ll be able to head outside!)

Stay healthy!

Some extra sleep

Was supposed to do a swim this morning, but I decided to sleep in this morning, and do the swim tomorrow. I was extremely worn down last night – so I just needed to get some rest. I think it will make for a better run tonight.

Yesterday I had a great swim 4,900 SCM – considering my workout on Sunday – I was really happy with my performance in it – I hit a wall in the last 500 meters. Tonight I have a 2:45 run planned, which should equate to a 21ish mile run.

It should be pretty good, a little cold tonight, but I think it will be OK!

A perfect week!

The week ending March 4th, was a awesome week for me training wise. It topped the scales at a little over 25 hours total volume. Here’s how it broke down:

  • Swim: 13,850 SCM – 4:20
  • Bike: 237 miles – 13:20 (all on the trainer)
  • Run: 40 miles – 5:32
  • Strength/Flexibility: 2:09

This was a great confidence boost for me as it’s the first week since late december that I’ve really nailed everything. Some highlights of last week: a very, very solid 2 hour ride on Saturday (Spinervals Aero Base Build Compliation), I also did a short run (4mi) and a swim on Saturday

Sunday was my big day of the week – I ended up doing 5:40 on the trainer, passing the time with Coach Troy on The Hardcore 100, it was plenty hard. As a whole the ride was a great aerobic workout, great to set you up for a run – but he ends it with a handful of 1 minute and 30 second full on sprints – crazy hard stuff. The type of things that makes you really not want to run afterwards. It was probably the best long aerobic ride I’ve had this winter. I started off a little worried that I wasn’t recovered enough from the few days before when in the first 2 hours or so I had a little bit of lightheadedness/dizziness and was having a hard time getting my HR above 105 (low even for me). I stuck with it though, shoving down gel, cliff bars, and gatorade and finally at around 2.5 or 3 hours into it, my heart rate finally started to come up. I ended up averaging 18.1 mph on the trainer. I topped it off with a 5.7ish mile run that started and ended fast but had about 10-15 minutes in the middle at kind of a hobble pass as I tried to get to a rest stop (it’s hard to find a nice private place in the winter when there are no leaves on the trees and you are wearing a nice neon yellow jacket.

All in all it was a great week, topped off with an awesome workout – if the next two weeks are like this last one, I’m very confident that Arizona will be a blast!


Had a decent workout last night, and a great swim this morning. Last night I did 2 hours on the trainer followed by a 30 minute run. Both were at a very easy pace – which was good because I had a very hard time elevating my HR, I think I was still pretty tired from Tuesday nights run. I also came pretty close to bonking on the workout last night, I got off the bike and felt very shakey – so I down a can of coke really quick (it wasn’t flat so it caused a little bit of problems on my run…). The run sucked – between being nasty out – it was raining/sleeting out, I just didn’t want to be out there – a very negative mental attitude.

My swim this morning was much better – did a little over 3,000 SCM in just under an hour:

  • 6×150 @ 2:15
  • 6×125 @ 2:00
  • 4×100 @ 1:30 (Cut two out since it was icy outside and I needed to get home)

Planning to do a 1:15 or so trainer ride tonight – high intensity – plus no RUN!!!! Yeah!

Happy March!!!